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Physical fitness status of kerala school children

The Physical fitness test results of kerala state school children

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Kerala State Sports Commission Submittedin its final report

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Kerala State Sports Commission in its final report, submitted to the Government on Saturday, has suggested a slew of recommendations for the comprehensive development of sports and games in the State.

The 116-page report comprising 13 chapters touches upon almost all areas connected with the sports administration in Kerala besides a draft sports policy.


1. Sports and physical education should be a regular activity in schools from the lower primary upwards up to standard XII.
2. All the schools in the State should be covered in a phased manner by 2014 -2015.
3. The subject of Sports and Physical Education should be a part of the evaluation processes for promotion from 2015-2016.
4. In view of international competitions for youth below eighteen years, specific game selection in the schools should start at age 10-12 years so that intensive training can start around age 15 years.
5. Norms for posts of physical education teachers be suitably revised to meet the requirement of much larger student population in all the schools in the State. There should one PET for each group of 500 students. Posts for the higher secondary sections be created in each school.
6. Where there is no physical education teacher because the norm of 500 students is not fulfilled, there should be at least one teacher independently or on cluster basis depending on the distance between two schools.
7. Post of coaches on case by case basis be created in schools and colleges to meet the needs of excellence for the athlete selected for international youth competitions.
8. To overcome parental hesitation, enable conceiving sports as a science and ensure pursuit of academics by performing meritorious sports students in the schools, offer of two sports related subjects, (1) Health and Physical education; and (2) Sports Injury Management (Home Nursing) be considered by the Kerala Board of Secondary Education at the plus 2 stage in the Humanities group.
9. There should be arrangement, even at Board level examinations, for special examinations for such of the sports persons who may be doing national duty by way of representing the country in international competitions on dates clashing with annual examination so that a full year is not lost. Cases of Irfan Pathan and Parthiv Patel losing a year where highlighted by the media.

10. There should be linkage at College and University level for pursuit of academics by meritorious sports students completing school education. A-4 year BPEd degree course having a 2-year foundation course followed by specialisation for two years in physical education or sports coaching or sports science should be considered.
11. State sports associations and district sports associations be activated and made responsible for revival of club culture in the State.
12. Functioning of KSSC and Directorate of Sports should be on sound professional lines and necessary restructuring done.
13. State and District sports associations through a self-regulatory mechanism ensured induction of fresh ideas through periodic change of key office bearers.
14. There should be close coordination between the SAI, KSSC and State Directorate of Sports for promotion of sports activities. Quarterly review meetings under the Chairmanship of proposed Principal Secretary (Secondary Education and Sports) should be held to review progress and implementation of schemes.
15. Deficiencies in implementation TPFP should be rectified on priority.
16. For meeting livelihood needs beyond the playing days, semester system to pursue College and University education at one’s pace and convenience be considered for various courses suggested for sports persons.
17. Diet charges for inmates in hostels under various sports schemes be revised upwards from Rs 65. per day at present to Rs 75 per day for trainees in school sports hostels and Rs. 90 per day trainees in college and centralized sports hostels . There should be review every two years on the basis of cost of living index / consumer price index.
18. One Government school having requisite playing facilities and land for expansion be converted as a Sports School in each districts.

19. In the light of performance at the national and international level the State may initially prioritised to concentrate on the following 15 sports disciplines.1.Athletics, 2. Aquatics, 3.Gymnastics, 4.Volleyball, 5.Boxing, 6.Cycling, 7. Badminton, 8. Football, 9. Basketball, 10. Rowing, 11.Canoeing and Kayaking, 2. Fencing, 13. Handball, 14. Kabbadi, and 15. Kho-kho. Periodical preview of performance can lead to additions as well as deletions.
20. Sports academies be opened in each district to cater to meritorious school students in the age group 15-18 years. Each academy should have facility for about 4-5 disciplines out of the prioritised list with appropriate residential facilities and playing surfaces of international training standard.
21. Centres of Excellence be opened, 2 or 3 in each region, (Malabar, Kochi and Travancore) to carter to performing sportspersons of above 18 years. Each Centre of Excellence should have appropriate residential facility and playing surface of international competition level for about 6-7 sports disciplines.
22. Sports University be set up offering various graduate and post graduate courses in sports related subjects to open up job opportunities for meritorious sports persons after the playing days are over.
23. Sports medicine and sports science support to athletes is the weakest link today. Institute of Sports Medical Science and Research is recommended to integrate Yoga, Ayurveda and other indigenous practices towards development of excellence.
24. A high altitude sports centre with international focus be setup at Munnar. The objective should be creation of international level playing and stay facilities that can bring substantial annual revenues to KSSC to meet its sports objectives and obligations.
25. Pension scheme for State athletes’ be introduced at differential rates for sports persons representing the state at: (1) national competitions for the stated number of years; (2) State at national level competitions and winning medals for stated number of occasions, (3) international competitions on stated number of occasions. There should be threefold increase in pension for State level athletes in indigent circumstances.

26. The day to day functioning of Kerala Sports Council and Directorate of Sports, or of the unified body if one is created, should be on professional lines and the current set up restructured as proposed. The Member Secretary of KSSC should be ex-officio, Additional Secretary in the Department of Sports.
27. Complete synergy between holders of Education and Sports portfolio at the government level is vital to ensure coverage of all the Schools in the State with Sports and Physical Education as part of the syllabus from lower primary section upwards by 2014-15. The Commission suggests a common Minister for Education and Sports and common Principal Secretary for Secondary Education and Sports.
28. Annual sports fee collected from the students be suitable revised upwards. Of the total annual amount that may be collected 65% be retained by school to meet its enhanced obligations, 25% should go to DPI for conduct of annual school level competitions, and 10% should go towards the proposed State Sports Development Fund.
29. A State Sports Development Fund be created on the pattern of the National Sports Development Fund. Besides the 10% of sports fee collection, contributions to the Fund can be made by individual or corporate houses desirous of availing tax benefits. State Government should add annually an amount equal to total collections every year.
30. State Government may consider specific sports project lottery scheme at Panchayath and district levels to complete existing incomplete projects or to create new facilities. Amount equal to collections from sale of lottery tickets be contributed from State exchequer and 25% of the total collection set apart for prizes to winning lottery tickets. This will bring about a feeling of participation, and hopefully, ensure better maintenance.
31. NRI’s from Kerala annually remit over Rs. 20,000 crore. They should be enthused to liberally remit funds for completion or creation of mega sports projects in the State and avail the tax benefits.

32. In the event of tax benefits being denied to any NRI for funds remitted for a sports project on technical grounds, the State Government may consider meeting the tax liability on such amount. This will change the nature of remittance from personal use to usage for residents of the place where the sports project is being completed or constructed.
33. Political affiliations have no place in promotion of sports activities. A portion of the MP/MLA Local Area Development Fund should be set apart for completion or creation of sports projects irrespective of the political affiliation of the person who may have sanctioned the project.
34. 1968 Act for preservation and creation of play fields should be effectively implemented.
35. For broadbasing sports activities down to the village and Panchayath level as envisaged in the Kerala Sports Act, 2000, full advantage of PYKKA scheme of Ministry of Sports, GOI, as well as NREGS should be taken to create the required sports infrastructure in rural interior.
36. To meet the objective of “Sports for All” it is recommended that the State Town and Country Planning Act be amended, if necessary, so as to provide for play ground of football discipline size, indoor hall and a jogging cum walking track in every housing colony that may be developed by State Housing Board, Development Authority or a private developer.
37. The present facilities in sports hostels are poor. In the proposed sports schools in each district the residential facilities should be at par with what is currently available in the P.T. Usha Athletics Academy. In the proposed sports academies instead of double ducker stay facility it should be individual beds. And in the proposed Centres of Excellence there should be attached toilet facilities also. The objective is to make the trainee athlete aspire for better facilities by improving performance.
38. For prioritised sports disciplines State Government may consider a Rupees five lakhs per discipline annual prize money competitions, to be given to the first, second and third performing clubs at the State level, as revival of club culture is at the heart of sports promotion programmes.
39. An amount of Rs. 50 per athlete per day be given for those selected for national campers at junior level and Rs.100 per day at senior level as out of pocket expenses over and above the daily allowance.
40. The Commission recommends creation of posts for the following:
(1) Sports University
(2) Institute of Sports Medical Science and Research
(3) Kerala State Sports Council
(4) Directorate of Sports & YA
(5) Sports Schools
(6) Sports Academies
(7) Centres of Excellence
41. Authentic data on sports infrastructure, including incomplete projects, is presently not available. GIS based database system be put in place in KSSC to overcome this lacunae.
42. A –Museum – cum- Documentation Centre-cum-Library be setup, either in the Directorate of Sports or the proposed Sports University.
43. State Government may take a view whether to continue with an existing two field institutions – KSSC and Directorate of Sports- or to setup a single institution on the lines of SAI or SAAP.
44. In the event of both the institutions continuing as hitherto, there should be clear cut allocation of functions in order to avoid duplication and ensure total accountability.
45. Pending setting up of sports schools in each district, sports academies and centres of excellence as proposed by the Commission, the present condition of sports hostels attached with various schemes be drastically improved by way of improving living conditions, diet and playing facilities.
46. Games specific training aids be provided in the hostels.
47. The menace of over aged athletes gaining entry into sports hostels be curbed. This aspect has assumed importance on account of introduction of multi-country youth games at Commonwealth, Asia and Olympic level.
48. Academic aspects of sports hostel inmates be taken care of and periodic performance reports on sports as well as academic performance be sent to the parents/ wards of the inmates.
49. Inter-hostel sports competitions be organised.
50. Vacancies of coaches be filled up on priority and additional posts be created on need basis.
51. Trainees’ strength for coaches should be adequate to make optimal use. Shortfall if any, be met by inducting local students from schools or colleges after proper screening and ascertaining sports aptitude.
52. Admissions to sports hostels be regulated through a Committee of Experts headed by the proposed Technical Officer of the KSSC.
53. Periodic monitoring of progress of trainees be ensured.
54. Residential facilities for trainees at the water sports centre, Alappuzha be located in the main city to save energy of the students. Land be made available to SAI for this purpose in the city in lieu of the land made available earlier as hostel buildings constructed on it are sinking due to plinth problems.
55. The Alappuzha water sports centre should become an international level centre instead of a training centre only. Necessary co-ordinations with SAI and GOI as a part of infrastructure creation for the National Games may be fruitful.
56. New sports infrastructure like outdoor and indoor stadiums should be more athlete centric and less spectator centric.
57. One outdoor stadium, one indoor stadium and 25 meter swimming pool in each district be the policy approach for promotion of sports.
58. Cash incentives to medal winning sports persons as per the existing policy be paid within three months from the date of achievement.
59. A campaign should be launched by Directorate of Sports and KSSC to educate the public, especially the youth, on different scientific aspects of sports in order to create a new outlook.
60. The various schemes and programmes of KSSC and Directorate of Sports be given wide publicity to ensure maximum participation through public awareness.
61. Medal winners at national and international level competitions, as also holders of Arjuna and Dhonacharya awards be invited to State level Independence Day and Republic Day functions and seated in separate reserved enclosure.
62. To gainfully utilise the infrastructure that will come up for conduct of National Games, new or renovated, and Elite Training Centre be located at Thiruvananthapuram. Residential facilities may arranged through retention or purchase of flats that will come in the Games Village.
63. To ensure better and serious participation by the students in inter-collegiate and inter-university competitions two trophies be instituted – one each for the best college and best university.
64. The scheme for giving financial or equipment support to private sports academies should be formulated by the KSSC.
65. Necessary co-ordination for the Malappuram Football Academy be done with the AFC -Vision India project to derive greater benefits.
66. Extension of TPFP to schools other than Government and Government Aided schools be considered only after the tests and data become completely reliable for Government and Government Aided schools.
67. Fund raising for TPFP be considered through sponsors and merchandizing of logo and T-shirt etc.
68. Financial support for development of infrastructure be provided to two youth/ sports clubs in each panchayat. Advantage of PYKKA scheme may be taken.
69. To meet the cumulative fund requirements for the implementation of recommendations of the Commission, surcharge of 0.5% on tax collected on sale of liquor be levied as a cess on the lines of such as a cess already levied by State of Andhra Pradesh. This is likely to raise about Rs.150 cores per annum.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Kerala Sports Commission: Terms of Reference

1. Critically analyse the problems and challenges faced by Sports sector with special emphasis to the socio-economic environment prevailing in Kerala and recommend remedies for rectifying them.

2. To study and recommend measures to modernize the sports sector in Kerala vis-s-vis provisions enshrined in the Kerala Sports Act 2000 with special reference to role of State Government in administration and co-ordination of all sports activities in the State.

3. Introduction of Sports/Games in the Educational Curriculum as a compulsory subject in School/College/Universities.

4. To submit recommendations on modus operandi for effective implementation of the scheme "Total Physical Fitness Programme" jointly by Health Department, Local Self Government Department and Sports and Youth Affairs Department.

5. To recommend schemes to be implemented synergizing the aforesaid departments for realizing the motto "Sports for all, Health for all".

6. Make recommendations regarding need for creation of new sports infrastructure and for modernization and development of existing ones in the State along with measures for mobilization of required fiscal resources from Government and non-Government sources.

7. Propose recommendations for identification of experts, coaches, P.E. Teachers, experts in sports medicines/sports science/sports administration and on how to utilize their services for holistic development of sports in the State.

8. To recommend a long term strategy for development of sports as a science and on establishment of Sports Academies in Kerala.

9. To submit recommendations for rejuvenation and propagation traditional martial art forms of Kerala and also to carry out a detailed study on amateur sports in the State.

10. To propose schemes intended for welfare for sports persons such as pension, does, assistance for employment etc.

11. Detailed study on role of local Self Government for development of sports sector through decentralization.

12. To propose recommendations for popularizing practice of a yoga and meditation forming part of our heritage along with traditional sports items, and to evolve a marketing strategy for propagating them abroad and also regarding scope of establishing information centres for this purpose.

13. To submit recommendations for regulating and co-ordinating activities/functioning of various sports associations through Sports Council and utilize their services for betterment of sports.

14. To propose recommendations on conduct of training/coaching of sports persons for different levels such as State, National, International etc.

15. Availability of equipments and other articles for training/Coaching/Teaching and for competition purpose in the State.

16. Establishment of Coaching Centres/Sports Schools/Centralised Sports Hostels etc.

17. Panchayath/Rural Sports programmes

18. Creation of infrastructure at Panchayath/Rural Areas.

19. Merging of various sports agencies in the State like Sports Council, Sports Directorate, School Sports/University Physical Education Department – to one Head.

20. Talent Hunt – Age group, Area based – Discipline based.

21. Appointing Coaches and their work Schedule etc.

22. Refresher Course for sports persons.

23. Engaging foreign Coaches/Trainers/Experts/Sports Scientists for advance level Coaching.

24. Appointing Sports persons in various department/Public Sectors etc.

25. Sports Quota admission for Professional Course like Medical/Engineering, School/College, other institutions.

26. Sports Sciences (Research/Analysis Wing) Sports Medicine, Sports Psychology, Bio-Mechanics etc.

27. Sports Library.

28. Participation of Women in Sports.

29. Health care of senior citizen.

30. Award/Incentives for players and coaches.

31. Scholarship for School/College Students.

32. Transport incentives – Bus concession for players for their journey training.

33. Insurance/Welfare fund for players/Coaches/Staff.

34. Playing Kit/Uniforms/Playing equipments.

35. Sports Journalism

36. Sports Law.

37. Sports Science and Sports Medicine.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Kerala Govt sets up Sports Commission

T’PURAM: The State Government has set up a 7- member Sports Commission to conduct a comprehensive study of the sports scene in State and report its findings.

Former Union Sports secretary and founder-director of the Sports Authority of India (SAI) A K Pandya will head the commission.

The members of the Commission are: V G Govindan Nair (former Sports Council president), Suresh Babu (Olympian), Shiny Wilson, Dr. T I Manoj (associate professor of Physical Education, Agriculture College), T P Dasan (Sports Council president) and G Kishore (Sports Director).

The Sports Council president will be an ex-officio member and the Sports Director will be the member-secretary.

The following are the terms of reference of the Commission. One, evolve schemes to develop sports as a scientific subject. Two, suggest steps to implement the Sports Act.

Three, methods to improve sports infrastructure in cooperation with the local bodies.

Four, prepare projects to tap new talents.

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Kerala PE Curriculum - malayalam version is posted for review

Thriuvananathapura: Last date for submitting the final form of the Heath & PE Curriculuum to the govermenet is fixed on 12th may 2008. The malayalam version of the curriculum for 1 to 10 statndard is also available for review in the following link.
So far I have not received only two comments regarding this work.
Please consider that it is very serious

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Syllabus in Health and Physical Education for Schools in Kerala - Suggetions invited

Thiruvananthapuram: Govt. of Kerala decided to include Health and Physical Education as a curricular subject in Kerala schools from classes 1 to 10. Govt. of Kerala, constituted a committee for the same by heading Shri>M.Krishnan Nair as the Working Chairman and Shri. Bipin.G (member, KSSC) as the Member Secretary. After many sittings, committee formulated a draft syllabus for classes 1 to 10. Now, the review process is on, a meeting of physical education teachers from govt, aided and unaided schools, retired teachers and eminent teachers in the field are invited to present their views. The syllabus for classes 1 to 7 is posted for review and the rest high school and higher secondary will be posted soon.The document is also open for public to review in the following link.
DOWNLOAD FILE Health Education 1 to 7

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LNCPE, Trivandrum Alumini Meeting

LNCPE, Kariavattom, Trivandrum Alumni Meeting scheduled on 29th March 2008. All alumnus are invited to participate in the workshop on "Health & Physical Education Curriculum for Kerala Schools", Business session, Games and Initiation Ceremony. Registration fee :Rs.250.00